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In 1987, Istanbul in Bayrampaşa district, which began its commercial life, our company is the domestic requirements until today as well as abroad existing customers knew tasks to their to provide the best service and product quality and continued on its way with this approach. With the slogan of quality, whether you prefer the way our company operates in the industrial area of our board manufacturer since inception, serving the most sensitive product groups within the furniture industry and the steel manufacturer. Our product line electrical panel locks located between the changing rooms and built for file cabinets, special locks, hinges and accessories, has further improved its product scale and scope of future , innovation breakthroughs work has improved the bilimum range of products and expand. Our main product lines include; Drawer Locks, Power Panel Locks, Power Panels Plastic Accessories, Panel Hinge, Mortise Cylinder type that are used in PVC Pence and doors, computer-Machine-compressor-conditioning-Lift Lock and Hinge type, Sports Hall, which was built for Lockers special lock types there are PVC Mailboxes. Our company continuously following the latest developments, quality, innovation, service and continues to work on the basis of customer satisfaction and with this understanding "quality choice you get a" slogan has adopted the principle and the philosophy of North Africa, the Middle East, the Balkans and about 25 countries belonging to the Turkish Republic it serves. Bulgaria,Greece,Romania,Serbia,Croatia,Macedonia,Kosovo,France,Slovenia,Spain,Tunisia,Morocco, Libya,Egypt,Iran,Syria,Israel,Georgia,Azerbaijan,Sudan,Jordan, UAE and Russian Federation are the main countries we exporting.



“Orhangazi Mh. 1656 Sk. No:35, Esenyurt, İstanbul, Türkiye”

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